post-merge con Python en Linux

Creado: Septiembre 19, 2022

Actualizando mi blog con Github, Gitup via post-merge con un backend en Flask (Python) en Linux. Voy a utilizar y modificar la siguiente implementación para el hook de post-merge en git.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# MIT © Sindre Sorhus -

# git hook to run a command after `git pull` if a specified file was changed
# Run `chmod +x post-merge` to make it executable then put it into `.git/hooks/`.

changed_files="$(git diff-tree -r --name-only --no-commit-id ORIG_HEAD HEAD)"

check_run() {
    echo "$changed_files" | grep --quiet "$1" && eval "$2"

# Example usage
# In this example it's used to run `npm install` if package.json changed
check_run *website/content* "systemctl reload barrahome"
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